New Podcast Trailer

Launching soon:

The ‘Armchair Naturalists’ Podcast

A new podcast from Simon King and special guests to help ‘armchair naturalists’ beat the coronavirus isolation and stay connected through the natural world.

Are you ready to become an ‘armchair naturalist’?

Sponsored by Haith’s the bird food specialists –


Hi, I’m Simon King and this is the ‘armchair naturalists’ podcast for people like you who love the natural world.

Actually, it’s the trailer for the ‘armchair naturalists’ podcast. And we start soon so find a comfy armchair, sit back and put your faith in nature.

Never have we needed nature more than now. Long periods of isolation will test everyone’s willpower but turning our attention to the natural world’s comings and goings this spring will help guide us through unchartered territory and beat the coronavirus.

Being isolated can be a wonderful opportunity to observe Nature through the window. ‘A good “armchair naturalist” will spot the first Spring butterflies and bumblebees and possibly hear the first chiff-chaff.

Be sure to join me and – from time to time – special guests including world-leading veterinary pathologist Professor John E Cooper and his wife, wildlife lawyer Margaret Cooper who are both life-long naturalists and have many wonderful tales to tell.

Are you ready to become an ‘armchair naturalist’ and beat coronavirus isolation with nature’s help?

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