Anti-pigeon spikes in Bristol trees

There's something sinister about seeing an anti-pigeon spike in a tree. If birds are unwelcome in trees, where exactly are they welcome? In the countryside? Our ancient woodlands? Amongst the UK's forests, woods and trees? (As long as no vehicles are parked nearby!). Or have changes in the wider countryside and intensive farming methods forced … Continue reading Anti-pigeon spikes in Bristol trees

Green Brexit: Farm subsidies ‘must be earned’ – Michael Gove

Michael Gove, as environment secretary, has made Greenpeace UK's day by saying that farming subsidies must be earned and benefit the environment. Looking for a 'green Brexit,' Michael Gove may only be prepared to hand out payments when farmers agree to protect the environment and enhance rural life. "Huge news! Michael Gove has just said … Continue reading Green Brexit: Farm subsidies ‘must be earned’ – Michael Gove

The Vanishing: Europe’s farmland birds

The Head of Conservation for BirdLife Europe & Central Asia explains how intensive agriculture has made farmland birds one of the most threatened bird groups in Europe:  'Once upon a time, they were all around us,' laments Iván Ramírez  – 'sights and sounds as familiar as the dusky skies their flocks danced in or the … Continue reading The Vanishing: Europe’s farmland birds