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An invitation to children and young people

Covid-19 “lockdown” is a good opportunity for young people not only to observe Nature but also to photograph or draw what they see.

A good example is the work done by Hilda Cooper, aged seven, examples of which are below. Some of Hilda’s drawings shown here are of birds or snails that she found in her garden during this period of “lockdown”; their different colours help her and us to identify them.

Drawings by Hilda Cooper, aged seven.
Giraffe by Hilda Cooper.

We have also included Hilda’s drawing of a giraffe – note its ears and its beautiful eyebrows – and a lion. It is perhaps not surprising that Hilda likes African animals; her father was born in Kenya and her grandparents still go there to teach.

Lion by Hilda Cooper.

We should like to encourage other children and young people (say, under fourteen years of age) to send us their own drawings, paintings or photographs (but please check with your parents that they are happy for you to do so first).

The drawings should, please, be associated in some way with Nature – for example, pictures of animals, plants, or beautiful places.

Do contact us if you would like to contribute something. It would be nice to include your name with your drawing, painting or photograph but you are welcome to remain anonymous if you prefer. Talk to your parents/family about this first before contacting us, please.

Please contact FFON Armchair Naturalist, at the following address: thefrightenedfaceofnature@gmail.com

Best wishes to all readers.

Simon H King and John and Margaret Cooper

The FFON Team

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