Introductory lecture: Maxwell Knight the naturalist – Prof. John E Cooper

The lecture that follows was the one delivered by John Cooper at the Maxwell Knight Commemorative Symposium on Saturday 24th November 2018 at Birkbeck College in London. Entitled “Maxwell Knight the naturalist”, it and Simon King’s presentation “Maxwell Knight the spy-master” set the scene for the rest of the afternoon’s lectures and interactive sessions.

John Cooper’s lecture was not recorded at the time so text is being prepared that will explain what is depicted in the slides. It will also include more detail about Maxwell Knight, as the Coopers knew him, than could be recounted in the short time available at the symposium.

We hope that this lecture will be of interest to both those who attended the Maxwell Knight Commemorative Symposium and others who were unable to be present but are interested to know more about the day’s proceedings.

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The PowerPoint, including the images, are copyright John and Margaret Cooper, FFON and others. JEC/MEC/SK

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