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Can our readers help?

We’re on the lookout for wise owls.

The FFON team is regularly getting natural history queries and we’re going to put some of these to our readers because we’re fond of engaging more people in the FFON project; therefore, in the vigour of citizen science, if you know the answer/s, please don’t be reticent.

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May 2020:

Q2: From a reader in East Anglia:

Love the blog. Saw these in huge quantities on our morning walk:

Are they bee orchids, or early purple orchids (Orchis mascula), we wonder?

Bee orchids I think. (Are they bee orchids, or early purple orchids (Orchis mascula), we wonder?).

Q1: FFON team – regarding swallows: Talking to a friend this morning, he has an in-law on Orkney who says their swallows are sitting on eggs. So do swallows fill the country from the top down? We have three pairs beavering away, the first arrived on 23 April. (Do readers, other Armchair Naturalists, have any comments or ideas? FFON team)

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