Maxwell Knight and snake skins – a new approach to an old challenge

  A Letter to The Editor The Herpetological Bulletin 18th June 2017 Dear Sir I was interested to read the Short Note “Lamination as a method of preserving sloughs” by Steven JR Allain and Mark J Goodman (The Herpetological Bulletin (2016) 138, 29-30). The technique they describe would appear to be an excellent approach to the [...]

Spies and Snakes – A Charming Story

Maxwell Knight was an adventurous and insatiably curious field naturalist (and MI5 agent-runner). "Naturalists, to be any use at all, must be curious above almost anything else," he'd say. "They must ever be asking: Why? How? When? Where?" His curiosity would often lead him to conduct experiments to look at some of the unsolved myths [...]