This book by Professor John E. Cooper and his wife Mrs Margaret E. Cooper, with contribu­tions from many countries in the world and a Foreword by Dr Lee Durrell, was published in May 2013.   It is published by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group.

The book provides an in-depth introduction to the rapidly-evolving field of wildlife forensics. It explains and discusses the crucial role of sound scientific investigation and an understanding of the law in combating wildlife crime and cruelty to animals.  The text particularly focuses on forensic science as it relates to animals, free-living and captive, but it also includes mention of threats to plants and habitats because of their relevance to environmental conservation.  The damage that can be inflicted on humans and property by wildlife is also covered.


John and Margaret Cooper are a British husband and wife team, a wildlife veterinary surgeon with specialist training in comparative pathology and tropical medicine and a lawyer who has made her special interest animal and conservation legislation.  The Coopers have lived and worked in Africa (including two years in Rwanda with the mountain gorillas), Arabia, continental Europe and the Caribbean.  Throughout, they have promoted an inter­disciplinary, “One Health”, approach to veterinary and biological education, wildlife conservation and forensic science.  Now based in the United Kingdom, the Coopers teach at universities and continue their work in East Africa with wildlife, domesticated animals and local communities.

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