I’m not a fan of the word compulsory. Rules can bring out the worst in people. Make them feel grumpy or rebellious or, make them switch off. But I’m going to say that Blue Planet II should be compulsory viewing. We should all sit and watch that pilot whale carry its dead calf. And we should witness the devastating impact plastic is having on marine life.
I hate rules. But I’m willing to conform. And I’m in good company; there’s no greater perennial rule breaker than Richard Branson. He’s turned every industry he’s touched on its head. But his message is clear, we must fight this fight together.


I for one will be reviewing my shopping habits and ditching plastic where possible. It would help me if retailers would think long and hard about the products on their fixtures, though. They could influence manufacturers to reduce their plastic offerings.
They could ditch plastic offerings and switch to something more nature-friendly. I appreciate that can’t happen overnight. Yet, it could happen…