The Society for the History of Natural History’s (SHNH) summer meeting and AGM in association with the BOC, World Museum Liverpool is set for Thursday 14th and Friday 15th June 2018 (Optional visit to Knowsley Hall, Wednesday 13th June).

The event marks the 250th anniversary of Captain James Cook’s first voyage to the Pacific. A pivotal moment in the history of exploration. Cook’s voyages influenced many areas of science and endeavour – from astronomy and geology to natural history and anthropology.

This meeting, held in association with the British Ornithologists’ Club, will focus on the lives, encounters, contributions and legacies of many of those involved in the history of natural history exploration around the world, from land to sea – the risks they took, the discoveries made, their contributions to science, and the ingenuity and endeavour involved in the process. It will also examine some of the complexities and controversies surrounding many centuries of natural history exploration and discovery.

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