“Our friend Simon King has been a constant source of encouragement and support in the recent investigations into the life and work of Maxwell Knight (MK).

Simon offered to take, temporarily to store, and then to catalogue, the contents of Maxwell Knight’s filing cabinet.  This was an enormous undertaking; the undertaking was greatly expedited by the enthusiastic involvement of Mr Rob Downing.  For us, the Coopers, it was wonderful that the cabinet, which had sat almost untouched in our home for so many years, was beginning to yield some of its secrets.

Maxwell Knight cabinet Simon H King and John Cooper 2
Simon H King &  Professor John E Cooper

Following Simon and Rob’s hard work cataloguing the contents of the cabinet and studying the documents that it held, Simon established the “Frightened Face of Nature” (FFON) website – a task outside our capabilities – and he continues to maintain and regularly update this.  As a result, previously obscure or scattered information about Maxwell Knight can continue to be brought together and made available to the public.

Simon also played a leading role in the organisation of the Maxwell Knight Symposium (MKS) on 24th November 2018.  His lecture entitled “Maxwell Knight the Spymaster” was spell-binding and provided an important insight into the other side of the life of this famous naturalist.   Simon’s readings during the symposium, together with his involvement in the re-enactment of the “Surrey Pond Scene”, gave enormous pleasure to all attendees.

We are indebted to him.”

The Coopers

Posted by JEC/MEC 3rd January 2019