Thrilled to have given a talk to CUVZS students about feeding and nutrition of birds yesterday.

It’s always a pleasure to share the stage with John and Margaret Cooper.

John discussed the ‘importance of avian nutrition’, and Margaret the ‘legal and ethical considerations of feeding birds.’

We were also joined by Rosie Haith who gave an insightful talk on the ‘importance of a scientific approach to diets and feeding’ highlighting the giant leap Haith’s has made in its award-winning Super-Clean bird seed quality control project.

My view: If we’re going to feed wildlife (and I personally believe that we should) we must ideally do so with high-quality, safe diets.

The CUVZS students were then given a demonstration by John Cooper of simple QC tests, and they then took part in a practical session (reporting their findings to fellow students and speakers).

A productive event.

Thanks to CUVZS for the invite (and pizza/chocolates).

Here’s the final slide from my presentation: