Nature Notes from Our Care Home Correspondent

Here are some photos sent to us by an Armchair Naturalist who is currently in coronavirus quarantine, confined to one room of a Care Home, but enjoying looking out at plants in the grounds: 

In addition to the shrubs and trees (one adorned with blossom), there is a carpet of daisies. These are the familiar, but much-loved, common, lawn or English daisy (Bellis perennis).

Prior to moving to her present room, our contributor noticed blue tits at her window and asked “What do they come for? They come to the top of the window frame. Is it putty or equivalent or seeds or insects?” John (Cooper) replied, “They are almost certainly looking for insects and spiders; they need them, for protein, at this time of year, for themselves and their young”. (Please, fellow Armchair Naturalists, send in a comment if you think John is wrong!).

This contribution is a germane and poignant reminder of how much one can benefit from the view through a window, especially in these distressing time.

Submitted by Margaret Cooper on behalf of “Our Care Home Correspondent”. 

One thought

  1. Your Care Home correspondent must be benefiting from the views and the wildlife through the window, in the same way that even films and TV programmes showing glorious landscapes that you know you’ll never go to in person, can maintain health. But she hopefully will go outside into the garden she’s watched so carefully, when times improve.

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