International Dawn Chorus Day 2020

Recorded at 5 am from the Lincolnshire Wolds, UK
Lincolnshire, UK

International Dawn Chorus Day is a super opportunity to celebrate nature – specifically birdsong, and what a symphony it was this morning at 5 am.

On the first Sunday in May, people from all around the world throw off the bed covers and head outside to tune in to the beautiful sound of tweeting birds. 

This year’s Dawn Chorus Day will be a day to remember, of course, because of the current lock-down situation and – although I may have imagined it – the birds seemed brighter and sharper than usual, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Stay safe; keep well.

Simon King FLS

4 Thoughts

  1. That sounds, and looks, just beautiful Simon. My most distinctive bird sounds are the scufflings and squeakings coming from the eaves just above the bathroom ceiling, which I’m sure are baby sparrows waiting for nice mouthfuls of my seedlings and buds and polyanthus petals and bits of the guinea pigs’ beetroot leaves. I think we are a desirable sparrow residence here judging by the shrieking clusters of cock sparrows fighting and pecking and clawing on the wing among the oak tree catkins.

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