“Our Care Home Correspondent”, who is no longer confined to her room in quarantine is now able to explore the Care Home grounds. Here are some notes and photos she sent to us:

The sunny courtyard has a raised bed at one end and two linked pond tanks.

Lonicera in flower

A few weeds observed in courtyard. Shepherd’s purse? A pansy. Feverfew, saxifrage, iris (see photo), euphorbia (?), rose and lavender.


Gardeners in wheelchairs have been at work cutting dead shrubs and a large ivy stem.

Water lilies

One pond tank appears to be barren – just water lilies (see photo) at one end and a broken filtration system at the other. Sometimes a goldfish is seen.

The second tank has duckweed and irises at a one end and king cups, water mint and maybe spearwort at the other. Pond skaters thrive in this tank.

Early iris (flag)

A red damsel fly suns itself when not hovering on a dead twig. 

Zebra grass is flowering, green and white.

There is a small solar panel (see photo) and a pump bubbles air into this tank. Very picturesque (see photo).

These notes are another reminder of how much one can observe and enjoy, even within the confines of an enclosed courtyard, and the benefit of doing so, in these distressing Covid-19 times.

Submitted by Margaret Cooper on behalf of “Our Care Home Correspondent”. 

1st May 2020