Introducing ‘AntBoy’ – with superpowers of the entomology kind!

A few weeks ago, I (Simon King) received an email from Graham Wellstead (FFON contributor) about a fascinating young man named Xander Johnston AKA ‘AntBoy,’ a 13 year old award winning entomologist, who features regularly on both the BBC Watches and Countryfile. Graham’s note to me said he thought he’d make a great addition to the FFON and – after a brief bit of detective work – I agreed, which is why I made contact with Xander’s father, Ross Johnston – who said he’d have a chat with his son (‘AntBoy’) and ask if he’d be willing to share one of his videos with FFON readers/viewers and here it is:

Thanks, Xander and great to see you making use of a hand lens in the field. Prof John E Cooper will be impressed.

A brief bio: Xander has a real passion for nature, specialising in Wood ants and rare invertebrates found in the Cairngorms national park (Scotland). Sharing his important work though his YouTube channel,

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  1. Thanks for your effort pursuing this young man. He is just so enthusiastic. I hope to be around long enough to see him progress.


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