The photos below and the video clip of hedgehogs were sent to John and Margaret Cooper by their friend Tim Roberts who lives in a small village in Shropshire. Tim is a keen – and knowledgeable – observer of local wildlife.

Here are some snippets from Tim’s text messages to the Coopers that help explain the background to the photos and the video clip.

Hi to you both

An entertaining short video relating to a social distance dispute one evening in my garden (hedgehogs!).

You are very welcome to use the video on your website and a credit would be appreciated.

I have just been out and set up a new camera and spotted a hedgehog waiting to be fed so I’m expecting some more footage.

I have also had a moth trap out and I will send you via “We Transfer” a few pics of the moths we trapped over a few nights. 

 Five elephant hawks and one lime hawk

Although a spectacular photograph with six hawk moths (look closely), the other one flew away after the initial photographs.

Best wishes

Tim Roberts