Paul Rose’s journey from a Romford council flat to Base Commander of Rothera Research Station, Antarctica, for the British Antarctic Survey for ten years and being awarded HM The Queen’s Polar Medal is an inspirational one, which he happily shares with young explorers in his role as Expedition Leader, National Geographic Pristine Seas.

Not every day do we get to talk to one of the world’s most experienced divers, field science and polar experts, and we hoped Paul would help us unlock some of the secrets and encourage Haith’s to have that ‘explorer mindset’ he fosters in his students. One of the biggest challenges we all face is what to do about our reliance on single-use plastics (plastic pollution) and here at Haith’s, we’re challenging ourselves through our Mission ‘R’ project to make a positive difference.

Paul’s a big believer in education being partly conducted outdoors and amongst nature rather than solely in classrooms. We (at Haith’s) agree, which is why we invited Paul to visit Haith’s new premises – where we’ll be handing over commercial space to nature – in spring/summer 2023.

Paul Rose was broadcasting from his home in Switzerland and Simon King from his office at Haith’s bird food.

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