Trump pulls plug on Obama’s clean power plan

Jane Goodall calls Trump's climate change agenda 'immensely depressing' Trump climate: Challenges loom after Obama policies scrapped BBC News-4 hours ago Opponents of President Donald Trump's decision to scrap his predecessor's climate change policies say they will organise a public campaign ... EU leads attacks on Trump's rollback of Obama climate policy The Guardian-15 hours ago [...]


Knight the pioneer: How did 'bird gardening' become established in British life? Simon King reveals its origins in the ideas and writing of the famous WW2 spy catcher - none other than Maxwell Knight. The practice of putting out food for birds in gardens is more popular now than ever before, with more than half [...]

How did ‘bird gardening’ become established in British life?

Simon King and Margaret Cooper reveal its origins in the ideas and writing of the famous WW2 spy catcher – none other than Maxwell Knight. Available in this week's Cage & Aviary Birds Magazine

The Guardian: Spectre of destruction: the lost manuscript of the real-life ‘M’

"Breaking open a locked cabinet belonging to Maxwell Knight, naturalist and spy, yields not Top Secret documents but a passionate scientific plea..." - Read Simon King's article in the Guardian to learn more about the cabinet's contents and the real-life M's unpublished manuscript, The Frightened Face of Nature (28 October, 2015). Copyright: see acknowledgements