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The Frightened Face of Nature (FFON) – Inspired by the lost manuscript of the real-life 'M'

Comments and Symposium feedback

“What a memorable day.”

“Many thanks…. for a fabulous event, which I wouldn’t have missed for worlds.”

“I would like to thank you very much indeed (спасибо большое) …… for organising and hosting the Maxwell Knight Symposium. It felt like an honour to discover Maxwell Knight the naturalist through your personal knowledge of him, and get to see some other aspects of his rich life. Saying that it was fascinating would be an understatement. There was a strong feeling of your cherishing the shared life experience with Maxwell Knight.”

“You’ve beat me to the email! I wanted to send one earlier this week to say congratulations on organising a most interesting symposium!”

“We so enjoyed the symposium. An amazing amount of work and detail and thank you both and the rest of your team for everything you did to bring this together”.

“Thank you for a very enjoyable day on Saturday. I really enjoyed learning about Maxwell Knight and the final performance made me smile a lot!”

“Great day, which I am sure was appreciated by all those who attended.”

“Well done to those involved in the planning and delivery.”

“You must have been (or at least you should have been) delighted with yesterday. It was a triumph. We all had a wonderful time. Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality”.

“What a great meeting! A superb and totally unique series of lectures and artefacts”.

“We couldn’t have enjoyed it more.”

I’m sure Max would have been so proud to know that he had inspired so many people to take an interest in nature and conservation.

Thank you again for your interest and contribution towards making the symposium such a success and for bringing Max’s memory alive 50 years after his death.

“I didn’t expect it to be so entertaining.”

“When is the book launch?”

“Thank you for this record of such an interesting and enjoyable symposium.”

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