Butterflies, bees and buddleia – brilliant!

It's amazing how much life a buddleia bush can attract - butterflies, bees, moths, hoverflies and an assortment of other flying insects feasting on the purple offerings. Buddleia is so simple to grow. Plant it. Leave it. Watch it spring to life and live up to its name (the butterfly bush). Cut it hard back … Continue reading Butterflies, bees and buddleia – brilliant!

Are you ready to take part in the big butterfly count?

Could butterflies be bouncing back to Britain?

Are butterflies slipping through our fingers?

The results for this year's Big Butterfly Count are in and conservationists are already 'scratching their heads,' reports Butterfly Conservation. Over 38,000 counts were apparently completed and an almost unbelievable 396,138 butterflies were counted and - despite favourable weather conditions - 2016 will be a year where 'common species saw their numbers collapse over summer.' 'Gatekeeper, Comma and … Continue reading Are butterflies slipping through our fingers?