By David McHattie.

Colourful visitors photographed during Essex garden lock-down from the Dengie Peninsula.

I have been lucky this spring – lots of moths and butterflies to see in the garden. I have enticed the “visitors” with a pheromone lure (Emperor Moth), the Cinnabar Moth with the UV light from a moth trap, but the Holly Blue just came because it was a sunny day.

My UV  moth trap has been a revelation.

Emperor Moth
Cinnabar Moth
Holly Blue Butterfly

I never realised that there were so many stunning looking moths in the ordinary suburban garden. The UK has in excess of 2000 moths and some of the most spectacular ones can be seen from the armchair. No effort involved (almost).

Here are some of the highlights from the last couple of weeks:

Angle Shades. 3/5/20
Poplar Hawkmoth. 3/5/20
Swallow Prominent 25/4/20
Buff Tip 15/5/20
Brimstone 19/5/20
White Ermine 19/5/20
Silver Y 19/5/20

I have included the date of trapping.

All the best

David McHattie – FFON’s entomological correspondent