Written by Dr Jean-Pierre André

Thanks very much for that excellent idea (FFON).

I have many plants on my balcony (third floor, in town) and at times I can see some birds: sparrows, great tits, robin and blackbirds. Every day “wild” doves are asking for seeds (they eat as it were in the hand). In the sky, it is possible to see red kites and (during bad weather) seagulls.

And, in my sitting-room, rules an African grey parrot!

Readers of FFON may like to know that near the town where I live (La Teste-de-Buch, a commune in Nouvelle-Aquitaine in southwestern France) is a very interesting nature reserve, managed with a view to attracting wild birds so that they can be seen at closer quarters by the public.

Written by Dr Jean-Pierre André in France – “A colleague in France who describes himself as “a poor lonesome retired vet”!