A note to John and Margaret Cooper from Sarah Pellett, BSc (Hons) MA VetMB Cert AVP (ZooMed) DZooMed (Reptilian) MRCVS. RCVS Recognised Specialist in Zoo and Wildlife Medicine.

Sarah Pellett

Sarah is a practising veterinary surgeon who specialises in the care of “exotic” animals and wildlife. Reference was made to her work with wildlife casualties, such as injured hedgehogs, in a previous Armchair Naturalist Podcast. 

She graduated from the University of Bristol in 2001 with a zoology degree and from the University of Cambridge in 2006 with a degree in veterinary medicine. In addition to her clinical duties she is the veterinary advisor on invertebrate health for the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquaria (BIAZA), Terrestrial Invertebrate Working Group and Honorary Secretary of the Veterinary Invertebrate Society (VIS) – see: https://veterinaryinvertebratesociety.wordpress.com/about/.

“One of Sarah’s wildlife patients. A hedgehog that was brought in with an abscess, probably the result of entrapment in (eg) netting. The hedgehog recovered nicely following treatment. Sarah will take him over to a friend who will rehabilitate and release him “

Being a veterinary surgeon is enjoyable but hard work – and not very easy at this time of Covid-19 lockdown. Sarah has to snatch opportunities to observe the natural world. Below are snippets from email messages she has sent to the Coopers and one of her delightful photographs.

“Am trying to reduce car use and walk into work as much as possible. Very peaceful between 6 am and 7.30 am.

I have been quite tired today after a busy few days and nights at work. I should be writing about antibiotics but instead have been sat in the garden for a few hours. As I have been sitting here, I’ve been greeted by quite a few sparrows coming down to drink. I’ve also seen blackbirds and a couple of starlings. Time has just flown by sat here.

I have been watching a sparrow feed her chick for quite a while today.

Enjoyable day off.

I’m now back on call.”

By Sarah Pellett.