Episode 3 of The Armchair Naturalists Podcast

Simon, John and Margaret’s theme for today’s podcast is “The Four (Changing) Seasons”. They take a look at spring in terms of natural history – referring to Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” – and then discuss the ever-present art and science connection.

But first, we discuss the increasing numbers of FFON readers and contributors.

Blogs we refer to:

Wooing the birds” – Beatrice Bray

A more optimistic long view of our place in nature” –  Dr Valerie Jeffries.

From a friend in Kinross-shire, Scotland” – Author undisclosed.

Our feeders are a magnet for the sparrows and the hawk.” – Graham Wellstead 

Over 1 in 10 UK species faces a real risk of extinction” – Oliver Cottis.

International Dawn Chorus Day 2020 bird song recording – Recorded by Simon King.

Nature notes from “our Care Home Correspondent” – anonymous.

Helen Jeffries and her “London in lockdown” blogs such as “Tales from the Riverbank

And we mentioned a new way readers / contributors / listeners can get involved via the FFON website page entitled “Can our readers help?” – we’re looking for wise owls to answer some of the questions the FFON team receive and we invite YOU to get involved.

Stay safe; keep well.

Simon, John and Margaret.

Podcast edited by Edward King